Cover by Sheila Greenland

Winner of the Crime Writers of Canada’s “Best Unpublished Manuscript” Award in 2022.


Professor Martha Gray expects to pay a brief visit to her father, Gordon Gray before returning to Vancouver for the fall semester. Instead, Martha finds Gordon disheveled, wheezy, and cantankerous in his squalid bungalow and she remains in Elmington, Ontario to help him. Trouble is, Gordon doesn’t want help. He only wants to smoke, read novels by dead white men, and when he is good and ready, shuffle off his mortal coil. Seven months later, Gordon does just that and Martha is under arrest.

Set in a fictional, prosperous, self-satisfied suburb of Toronto, Elmington is a satirical suspense novel of 77,500 words in five tragicomic acts. Along the way, the reader meets:

  • Imogen, a writer of lesbian erotica with a wicked crush on Martha
  • Joanne, a New Age helicopter mom who considers Gordon her project next door
  • Katherine, a family physician with a pathological fear of death
  • Angelo, a care worker toiling overtime to support his family in the Philippines
  • Mavis and Sally, a real estate duo with designs on Gordon’s house
  • Joseph, Martha’s prodigal son.

Running beneath a fast-paced story is the theme of rules – who makes them, who breaks them, and why.

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