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  • Murder, Mystery, Mayhem: Ten Stories of Nefarious Crime and Detection

    Murder, Mystery, Mayhem: Ten Stories of Nefarious Crime and Detection

    Among these pages, you will find ten stories of crime and detection. From classic whodunnits to modern police procedures. From jilted lovers to dastardly evil-doers of the orient. Ten talented authors have put their spin on murder, mystery, and mayhem. Why not see of you can solve who did it?

  • Dark Secrets: Stories of Sheer Terror

    Dark Secrets: Stories of Sheer Terror

    There are sinister happenings lurking behind the closed doors of your local nurse, high school prom queens, and next door neighbors. Not all is as it appears. But is it ever? After all, how well do you know your coworkers? Your friends? Your wife? We all have secrets, but some of our secrets are darker…

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A satirical suspense novel Professor Martha Gray expects to pay a brief visit to her father, Gordon Gray before returning to Vancouver for the fall…

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What Love Demands

A steamy, Victorian romance novel Two men desire vivacious, wild-haired Cora Patton, a midwife in a colonial town. Cora has no time for frivolity since…

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Renee is a writer of essays, novels, short stories, and poetry.

Her favourite story subjects are illness, death, and institutional oppression, approached with a light, whimsical style.

When she isn’t writing, Renee works as a registered nurse. She also enjoys fixing up old houses with her family and serving as board secretary, hike leader, and trail monitor for the Avon Trail.

Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Renee has lived in Indonesia and Japan. She currently lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband.

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