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  • Murder, Mystery, Mayhem: Ten Stories of Nefarious Crime and Detection

    Murder, Mystery, Mayhem: Ten Stories of Nefarious Crime and Detection

    Among these pages, you will find ten stories of crime and detection. From classic whodunnits to modern police procedures. From jilted lovers to dastardly evil-doers of the orient. Ten talented authors have put their spin on murder, mystery, and mayhem. Why not see of you can solve who did it?

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A satirical suspense novel
Professor Martha Gray expects to pay a brief visit to her father, Gordon Gray before returning to Vancouver for the fall semester. Instead, Martha finds Gordon disheveled, wheezy, and cantankerous in his squalid bungalow and she remains in Elmington, Ontario to help him. Trouble is, Gordon doesn’t want help.

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What Love Demands

A steamy, Victorian romance novel
Two men desire vivacious, wild-haired Cora Patton, a midwife in a colonial town. Cora has no time for frivolity since her father, Maryville’s only doctor, died during a tornado, but it’s high time she found a husband. Cora’s standards are high. He must be a gentleman, not a
troublemaker like Jim Sinclair, her childhood nemesis.
     Jim yearns to rescue the Sinclair farm from his gambling father and earn Cora’s love. Robert Helston, a ruthless newspaper magnate, intends to marry Cora and sweep her into his luxurious bed. When Jim learns the truth about Robert, he must act with force and passion.

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